We are dedicated to the craft, and won’t stop until we have achieved what you need, whether it’s the highest quality promotional video, imagery or industrial inspections. We are professional aviators, with a lifetime of military and civil experience behind us. Desert Drones Imagery is based in Phoenix, Arizona with both local and worldwide clients.


At Desert Drones we use thermal imagery captured from a UAS to make qualitative and quantitative assessments of structures and electrical or mechanical components, whilst simultaneously capturing Ultra High Definition imagery to aid diagnosis. Furthermore, we have specialist equipment that will allow us to rebroadcast our sensors while flying so that your engineers or executives can watch real-time from a distant location as an inspection is executed. We also have the ability to broadcast a zero latency video to handheld devices for personnel on the ground.

As FLIR ITC Level 1 Thermographers we are thermal camera experts who can help you locate and diagnose problems. We can detect the heat differentials associated with failure, or find the indicators of insulation defections, or subsurface moisture in an otherwise undetectable leak on a roof. Whether you are seeking defective solar panels, roof leaks, poor insulation, or assessing electrical connections and components on difficult to access masts or power lines, we have the skills and equipment to meet your needs rapidly, all whilst minimizing the risk to your team.



Unmanned Aerial Systems can give a unique perspective on projects that require spatial understanding over a wide area. Through still imagery, full motion video, 3D modeling, or high- resolution Orthomosaic aerial images, we can capture, process and disseminate products for your subsequent analysis and assessment. We offer this service using consumer grade GPS, or RTK-GPS if you require more refined accuracy. Whatever your requirements, we will work with your Subject Matter Experts and Engineers to ensure UAS can help you meet your business needs. Our fixed wing platforms can cover areas up to 1000 acres, at typical resolutions of 2-3cm. Potential applications include preliminary assessments of terrain, tracking of environmental change, and project management.


Whether promoting your business, conducting real-estate sales or capturing a special event, our aircraft can give you the edge with high quality aerial images and video. We can provide uncut material, or an edited product depending on your requirements. We offer free consultations to determine your requirements and our fees include unlimited editing until we provide the exact product you need.


  • Practical UAS training
  • Intimate air support with thermal and DTV cameras for ground commanders at search and rescue events, fires and crime scenes
  • Radiometric thermal imagery and video of concentrated livestock for herd health assessment
  • Payload integration and concept development
  • Assistance to environmental management through surveillance of controlled burns, pest tracking and habitat monitoring
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