With 20 years of military aviation & ISR experience we have expertise in a range of advanced sensors, including thermal, RGB and NiR. More importantly, we understand that the most important part of understanding and solving problems from the air is to have the means to collect & analyze large amounts of data, and then disseminate actionable information to the key decision makers in your organisation.

We have partnered with the most innovative software companies in the sector to build web based applications that use Artificial Intelligence to analyze imagery to identify your targets of interest. We are a turn key provider, able to determine the best image resolution to suit your visual inspection needs, then choose from a variety of sUAS platforms to capture imagery in the most efficient way possible. We can develop AI classifiers using positive and negative training images at the correct scale, then build report processes that suit your individual analytical requirements, ensuring the ultimate relevance to your application throughout the entire process. We can do all of this at scale, covering large areas for larger targets, or detailed areas at ultra-fine resolutions.

Photogrammetry and AI analysis.

Providing the means to efficiently capture high resolution imagery and turn it into actionable information.

Advanced Image Collection Techniques

We use cutting edge software to allow our sUAS to fly repeatable missions, using terrain following for consistent scale and GSD. Our platforms are all fitted with dual frequency GPS with time stamp image geotagging. When combined with PPK techniques and ground reference, from either CORs or our own Ground reference GPS, we can produce highly accurate geotags that result in accurate modelling and photogrammetry output. We can work within your budget and accuracy requirements using a mixture of fixed wing, and multicopter airframes.

High Relative Accuracy combined with ultra fine resolution.

Our equipment, experience and techniques mean we can make high resolution imagery with high relative accuracy. This allows a high degree of spatial awareness across broad areas.

Aerial Thermography-Rooftop Moisture Assessments

When water intrudes into roofing insulation, whether due to roof damage or a construction fault, it can leave a tell-tale thermal signature in the right environmental conditions. When the sun sets on an affected roof the waterlogged areas will cool slower than the dry, leaving a clear temperature differential for a thermal camera to detect. As shown above, we use sUAS to build thermal and HD maps of the roof space which we can then distribute to your construction experts and inspectors using the latest cloud based reporting software.

We are FLIR ITC Level 1 certified and work to ASTM C 1153-97. We have all FAA approvals for conducting commercial sUAS flights at night. Please contact us to discuss your project and how we might help you.

Case Study. Walnut Creek, California. Water Ingress on a roof next to an HVAC Platform-In this case water penetrated under the membrane during the construction process. We flew one hour after sunset and were able to identify the thermal signature of the water from the air, then descend for a detailed shot. Aerial thermal surveys allow large roof spaces to be scanned in quick order, with rapid results.