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Drones for Project Management in Construction- Phoenix, Arizona.

Construction is one of the major growth applications for sUAS service providers and Project Managers in Phoenix.  Once Drones are introduced into a construction site workflow, managers have found a massive improvement in understanding and fault resolution.  A problem that used to take several weeks and tens of thousands of Dollars to understand and resolve soon became a 1-4 day fix, with much less investment. Drones can increase safety, save time and resources, fast track surveying and deliver accurate measurements.

Data Management

One of the challenges of employing Drones on a construction site is how Data is disseminated, analysed and discussed among all stakeholders.  We have an excellent solution for this with Optelos Drone Work Advisor software.  Optelos allows you to create customized data access for your team, ensuring the right people have access to the data.  You can overlay inspections, allowing the change to be viewed over time, comparing drone created aerial maps to track change.  Optelos has endless opportunities and we have links to the top of the company through our former military connections.  We would be happy to meet with your team to provide a FREE demonstration of the capabilities of this powerful tool.

Data Presentation by Optelos. Giving you the ability to compare high resolution Drone maps and individual Images to track change, identify problems and discuss solutions with your entire organisation.

Our Services

As part of our Inspection services we can provide Remote Pilots, Drones and Data Processing and Distribution for your Construction Project in Phoenix. This can be for a single inspection round, or as part of a regular drumbeat of datasets.

If you are not looking for a full turnkey solution we can tailor our provision to suit.  Whether training your own in house drone division or just providing a pilot to fly one of your own drones, we can work with you to find a solution. Please visit our Inspection Services Store to take the next step:



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